Mountain Journeys

Classic Lakeland Rock and beautiful Lakeland gorge

Wow, what a couple of days it's been.

Yesterday we were enjoying wonderful Lakeland rock in the form of Gillercombe Buttress in Borrowdale.
7 pitches of fine climbing in a high mountain setting, complete with superb views and the whole place to ourselves. I had previously climbed with Jane last year, on Gimmer crag in Langdale, another fabulous place. Today it was to be 'classic rock' and whilst the initial plan was for Troutdale Pinnacle, the overnight rain meant this was likely to be damp. So a higher and more exposed buttress was chosen, and it worked. The rock was almost completely dry.

We alternate lead the route which gives maximum efficiency and is the most logical way to climb. As is turned out, Jane led all the harder pitches, top effort indeed.

Today, and in complete contrast, a few of us headed over to Eskdale for more Gorge Scrambling antics!
Me, Joe, Sam, and Anna all feeling a little crazy decided swimming in a mountain stream was a good idea. But the strong wind was starting to convince us otherwise and it was a mighty effort to get into the water, Sam being the one to initiate the swim!!
As always, the bodies initial reaction to cold water is a little repulsive, but this soon disappears and the crystal clear water becomes a lovely place to be. Swimming in deep pools, scrambling and jumping in all feels quite normal, and actually a lot of fun.

We made good progress despite the strong flow, indeed swimming against the flow proved to be lots of fun.

On our way down a quick detour into Lingcove Beck added more fun to the day before a hasty retreat to warm and dry clothes.

A fab couple of days, thanks all.




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