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Looking over to Ambolo from Castell de Granadella

A couple of years ago the nature reserve of Granadella was badly effected by a forest fire. The charred remains are still all too obvious to this day. With a poor forecast up in the mountains, I decided to go and check the place out and visit the nearby castle. 

From our starting point on the edge of Cumbre del Sol (summit of the sun) we followed very well maintained tracks heading towards a headland. What is clear straight away is that the burnt trees and scrubland are already making a comeback and the area feels vibrant with vegetation. If anything, the fires may have improved this walk as with less trees the views are even better, and that's saying something!

We turn off onto a much smaller path that weaves a way over rocky terrain, a few more walkers have braved the weather today and we exchange pleasantries. A short descent brings us to the remains of Castell de Granadella. The castle is 18th Century and was destroyed by Brits during the Napoleonic wars!!
It now makes a good place for a lunch stop, with wonderful views over to Ambolo (great climbing and DWS here) and out to sea where many white horses dance today.

Our return route skirts the beach of Granadella - amongst the finest of beaches in the region - before following a dry river bed to regain the plateau and good tracks once more. Whilst the plateau benefits from well maintained tracks, today this was to be the most challenging section due to very high wind speeds. The cobwebs are well and truly blown away.

We we walking for only a couple of hours, although this could easily be extended, and on a warmer day a visit to the beach for a swim would surely be in order.
When the mountains are shrouded in cloud and water falls from the sky, there is still much outdoor activity to enjoy here, this is one such walk.

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