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Canyoning Costa Blanca – Barranco del Curt O Pas de Bandolers


Neil descending through the V-groove


Canyoning Costa Blanca - Barranco del Curt O Pas de Bandolers

Today we managed to have a big adventure, exploring an area just below the mighty Bernia ridge. I think it was. couple of years ago now that Neil mentioned fancying a look at this canyon lying deep in the hillside. With many other things going on it has taken until now for us to get around to having a look.

The wait has been worth it. Well, with a name like 'Pass of the Bandits' this was always going to be a bit special.

Not sure what any of the canyon would be like, we wanted to start right at the top. Doing this involved crossing some unpleasantly sharp and rough terrain, but all in the name of research, so worth it.
The initial descent was okay, but no more than that and thereafter followed a walk of around 700 metres, some of this was pretty sharp too. Knowing this, we would miss out the initial section in future as it is very easy to join after abseil number 2.

5 more abseils followed, each being through more dramatic rock architecture than the last. It feels like a laser has cut through the rock to create this amazing V-groove. The final abseil is the longest at almost 50m and leads to the base of a huge scree slope. This forms the start of the fun return route.

All 5 of us out today know the Sierra de Bernia well, but this was a first into this canyon and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A quiet, wild, landscape with staggeringly beautiful rock scenery. Being able to interact with such a wilderness is such a privilege.

If you're planning a trip to the Costa Blanca and looking for an adventure, we can help make that happen. It may be a canyon you'd like to try, or maybe some rock climbing, a via ferrata, mountain running/walking, or a ridge scramble​.

We realise it may not be this winter, but we are in the area every winter season, so remember us for next year too.

All the best


The final and longest abseil


Looking back at the walls we descended


Steve & Lucy tackling the return scramble



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