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Callosa de Segura Via Ferrata – Fantastic new Via Ferrata


Callosa de Segura Via Ferrata - Check out the bridge in the sky!

Callosa de Segura Via Ferrata

With the need to call in at Alicante airport this morning, we were keen to make the most of the day by exploring a new area to us. Well I say new area, the Redovan via ferrata is only a couple of miles away and we've done that one. But still hadn't even climbed on the Callosa de Segura cliffs.

During mid-February there was a grand opening of a brand new via ferrata here. With a busy schedule there was no way we could make it anytime in February, but knew the opportunity would come soon, and it did.

I had already heard plenty of stories about this place. Super hard and scary being the general theme. Sounds wonderful.
So what's it like? Wonderful indeed.

An easy initial section aimed at those wanting a chilled day out, is fun and engaging. It provides a good warm up for what lies ahead. But this section shouldn't be dismissed as a mere warm up. It is worth doing in its own right and perfect for adventurous youngsters.

The upper section is on a whole new level though. By far the most challenging via ferrata in the region. Continually strenuous, with huge amounts of climbing and descending vertical and overhanging terrain, with lengthy traverses between these. And yes there are plenty more wire bridges, the highlight being a 50 metre span high above the gorge (see photo above).

By the time I'd arrived at the final down climb my arms were feeling a little tired. About 30 metres of overhanging terrain gave them one more workout before terra firma was reached.

Access is easy, parking is good, and approach walk is a mere 15 minutes. I'd be amazed if this place doesn't become very popular.

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Close up of the big bridge


Kate on the lower section


Callosa de Segura Via Ferrata - The Poligono pyramid taking centre stage



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