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Best things to do in Windermere


Gorge Scrambling - Best things to do in Windermere

Best things to do in Windermere

Windermere sees millions of visitors every year. And people visit for all different reasons. Some are looking for a bit of peace and quiet; others are after a lively night on the town; and many are keen to get involved in adventurous activities in the countryside and mountains, and why not.

But where do you start when choosing an activity?

A chat with your fellow holiday-makers will be a good place to start, see what people like and don’t like. Once it’s been established that some outdoor fun is on the cards, you can start thinking about specific activities.

If staying in Bowness on Windermere, going out on the lake is an option worth considering. This could be in a powered craft or a SUP / Kayak / Canoe. There are numerous operators in the area, we’d recommend contacting Lakes SUP.

For a water based activity with added excitement you’ll need to look further than the lake. It’s the gorges and canyons that supply this by the bucket load. But what are these activities and how do they differ?

Gorge scrambling - this is ascending a rocky ravine using hands and feet to make progress. There may be some swimming involved, maybe some jumping into pools too. Want to climb a waterfall? This is the place to do it. This can be a great bonding activity for a family or group of friends / work colleagues. Pushing limits and facing fears, working as a team to get through challenges and come out at the top of the gorge with that feeling of Elation and satisfaction.

Canyoning - this is descending a rocky ravine that will usually have steep sides so can feel like a hidden paradise. Using a combination of jumping into deep pools, swimming, scrambling and abseiling through waterfalls you will make your way down the river. A massive sense of achievement will be felt when we emerge from the bottom of the river and smily faces all round.

The above two activities are hands down the most fun things you can do when visiting the Lake District and we urge you all to try them out. We offer both activities and would be delighted to welcome you to some amazing gorges and canyons. We provide top quality equipment and highly experienced instructors to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

For some getting wet isn’t in the plan. We understand that too and offer lots of dry-land activities that we are equally passionate about.

Rock Climbing - The Lake District is home to rock climbing here in the UK. We know all the best places and can match a day to suit your abilities.

Abseiling - a great mental challenge and a great team event.

Mountain Walks - want to see more of the Lake District on foot but not sure where to start or where the best views are? We can help and will tailor a guided walking day to suit you.

Road and Gravel biking - the road biking here should need no introduction. The Fred Whitton is the most challenging Sportive in the UK and sees many riders walking over the steeper passes. These are brutally steep mountain roads and need respect. We know them very well and can help you make successful journeys across them without the need to walk. Or maybe you prefer to ride off-road, we know miles of trails that make for great traffic free cycling days.

We are based in the nearby village of Ambleside, so very well placed to get you out on some amazing adventure days during your visit to the Lake District. Please do check out our activities pages here    

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