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Best Scrambles in the Lake District – Pinnacle Ridge is the number 1

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The Pinnacles - Best Scrambles in the Lake District


Best Scrambles in the Lake District

Two showery, atmospheric days here in the Lakes, so what shall we do?
The plan for both days was to go Rock climbing. But that would have been silly, so bring forth the 'Alpinesque' Pinnacle Ridge on St. Sunday crag.

This ridge offers a genuine mountain atmosphere with the Helvellyn massif as a backdrop and the torrent of Nethermost Beck as our soundtrack, it would be hard not to be impressed by this place.

It's a reasonable walk to the base, about 1.5 hours and not too taxing. Every step is all worth the effort too.

Yesterday I was joined by Kelly and Kristina, both experienced scramblers and mountaineers, but neither had yet sampled the delights of Pinnacle Ridge. The day was wet, very wet actually. This gave us wonderful conditions on occasionally greasy rock, adding much fun to the outing. By the afternoon sunshine had broken through and we were all drying off nicely.

Today I was joined by Helen, also an experienced climber and scrambler, but also never done Pinnacle Ridge. We enjoyed slightly drier conditions today, so able to fully appreciate the grippy nature of the volcanic rock. There were quite a few others on the ridge today, as there were yesterday too, clearly many folk having mountaineering thoughts for the weekend and this ridge totally fits the bill for it.

A nice gentle descent with stunning views to Ullswater there to remind us how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place.

Big thanks to Helen, Kelly, and Kristina for good company, fun, and banter.


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The crux corner

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Helen enjoying this amazing ridge - Best Scrambles in the Lake District


Coming through the pinnacles

#pinnacle ridge lake district

On the pinnacles - Best Scrambles in the Lake District



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