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Best Lake District Gorge Scramble – Esk Gorge is number 1


About to enter the 'Power Shower' - Best Lake District Gorge Scramble


Best Lake District Gorge Scramble

I get asked a lot. What's the best gorge scramble in the Lake District?  The answer can depend on all sorts of factors, but if looking for the biggest, the most fun, the one that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Look no further than the mighty Esk Gorge.

This isn't a roadside venue, so expect to put in plenty of effort to reach the starting point. There's a walk of around 45 minutes just to dispatch that. Now for the fun part, in the water the whole way is always the plan.

Jumps are all optional, we will encourage and support you through these and of course it's fine to swim by them if you prefer. Just being in the water here is magical. We will clamber up waterfalls and over rocky outcrops and explore hidden pools where few people visit.

A journey through this gorge is an amazing experience and being part of a guided trip ensures you visit the best parts and those places that may otherwise be difficult to access. It can feel like we travel a long way through the water, given the amount of fun challenges along the way, we do. But actually we will never be far away from our starting point. So when we're all done having watery fun, lunch is only a few minutes of easy walking away back at our little base camp.

We've had the pleasure of taking quite a few people to the Esk Gorge recently and have two more trips planned for this week, yippee. The photos in this blog post are all from the last few days in the Esk. If you'd like to experience the best gorge scrambling the Lake District has to offer, please do get in touch and let's make a plan for this one.

For more information about our Esk Gorge activities click here

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Now that's a waterfall scramble - Best Lake District Gorge Scramble


Mountain Journey

Enjoying paddling in the shallows before the next big pool - Best Lake District Gorge Scramble



Airtime below beautiful waterfalls - Best Lake District Gorge Scramble



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