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Best canyoning in the Lake District – Esk is the number 1

best canyoning in the Lake District

Climbing the rapids - Best canyoning in the Lake District


Best canyoning in the Lake District

Esk is best

Recently we made some changes to our Esk gorge trips. This was due to visitor numbers going through the roof during the sunny weekends. So on the whole, we are avoiding weekend use. However, last weekend we needed to make a last minute change to our scheduled trip to Fisherplace Gill and the Esk was really the only place that ticked the boxes, so we hatched a plan for an early start to this impressive place.

I was joined by 4 guys on a stag weekend and all were up for a big and adventurous day, although the stag didn’t yet know what these adventures involved!!!

The approach walk is fairly long, but easy enough and the trail was quiet. We met a few guys on t heir way out as we arrived at the starting point. After that we pretty much had the place to ourselves. And without further ado, it was straight into the clear waters of Tongue Pot for the first of many many jumps.

Scrambles and swims helped us gain height with maximum fun, with just a few forays onto the bank here and there. As we gained height so the jumps got bigger, the adrenaline rush increasing and the waves we were making.

Sometimes it isn’t the biggest jumps that cause the most adrenaline but the nature of the jump. A lot goes into a safe jump from height and we consider and inspect all jump sights as well as providing guidance on best practice. Hitting water from 8m up isn’t something to be taken lightly, that’s why there’s such an adrenaline rush, our bodies are telling us this is wild and crazy.

If you've been coasteering then maybe you've jumped from higher than this, but trust us, this will feel bigger and wilder.

It’s also one of the very best experiences you can have whilst visiting the Lake District. Anyone who’s tried it will confirm this. 

As we neared the top of the gorge, I could sense some of the guys were tiring, but there were still more and bigger jumps in store back downstream. So we made a retreat to seek out these finales. The best left until last, always best and these properly get the juices pumping with massive air time into deep water.

As we returned to the Tongue Pot area we noticed that quite a few people had arrived to enjoy the water, swim, sunbathe and picnic. Some jumping into the pools from high up and seemingly without prior inspection. Please always inspect a pool if it’s unfamiliar territory or at all unsure. Remember, rocks are hard! By all means go have fun, but try to keep it safe and sensible.

We enjoyed a pleasant stroll back to the roadside, chatting about the adventures mutually enjoyed and potential future trips. A great bunch of guys and we wish you all the very best for your weddings.

The wetsuits we use are provided by Lomo and we use their best and thickest suits to ensure maximum comfort for our customers

For the very best Canyon or Gorge experience in the Lake District, there really is nowhere better than the Esk Gorge. To book your adventure, get in touch and let’s make a plan….

If you're looking for a place to stay when visiting the area, please check out our B&B in central Ambleside

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