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Back in sunny Spain – Rock climbing and walking in Costa Blanca


The Penon from Toix Mirador

It's already been over a week since arriving back in Costa Blanca. The Goat Fria (cold drop) was lingering but has now passed by and there's a return to big blue skies, warm dry rock and lots of fun adventures.

We've been sport climbing at Gandia, scoping out new venues in Northern Costa Blanca, ridge scrambling above Calpe, sport climbing also near Calpe, checking out the new and mega Via Ferrata at Redovan and enjoying some peaceful mountain walks.

For years, visiting Costa Blanca meant rock climbing, I often shunned the walking, preferring to be on rock. More recently and the more of it I do, the more I've been enjoying the mountain walking here, it really is outstandingly good and certainly as good as anything in the Lake District, and that's some competition right. Routes are always quiet, so walking here is always peaceful, even at weekends. The trails are usually good and views will often be for miles and miles. As well as abundant wildlife and flora, there is history and culture to keep our interest, so much to see and do, so many routes to explore.....

Then we go rock climbing - well, we like that rather a lot too. We've visited Toix crags at Calpe twice this week. Once to climb a long multi-pitch route and complete a ridge traverse, and again today to enjoy some sport climbing with easy access and wonderful views across the bay to Sierra Helada (more lovely walking there too). 

Keep checking in for more adventure updates 🙂



Enjoying warm rock and blue skies at Calpe


En-route to Corral de la Llacuna


The hills are carpeted with wild flowers



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