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Aixorta – Big days in the mountains of Spain


Summit of Aixorta

A break from rock based activities, for a day at least that is!
With Kim & Jenny, me & Don enjoyed a fantastic mountain day on the mighty Aixorta. Standing at over 1200m this is a big summit, but thankfully the trail is straightforward so progress quick and relatively easy.

Views from the summit are breathtaking in all directions. Mallada del Llop, the Serrella range, Aitana, Ponoch, Segaria, Bernia and so much more is all on view, majestic indeed.
After a brief lunch stop - in only t-shirts too - we begin our descent, now on vague tracks (probably Boar / Goat) and occasionally bashing through scrub vegetation, this section demands a higher level of concentration and effort, all part of a good quality mountain day. We take a short diversion to check out a 'rock window' which looks out over a massive cliff.
We soon rejoin a marked trail and are able to switch back into daydream mode and become immersed in the beautiful surroundings we find ourselves in.

Arriving back at the car after 18km of walking, we all feel tired but elated. Don quickly falls asleep in that content way only a dog can, such a wonderful sight!

This is just one of many wonderful itineraries in the region, and remember, the weather is often warm, dry, and sunny. All making for perfect walking conditions. Flowers are starting to appear as is the almond blossom. Over the coming weeks these valleys will turn pink in an explosion of blossom 🙂

For more information about the area, the walking, the rock climbing and other adventurous activities please give us a call or e-mail. We'll do our best to help.

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Don enjoying a well earned rest!


Rock window on Aixorta



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