Mountain Journeys

Adventure day – Langdale

Despite the chilly temperatures this week, the Horsfield family made it out for a full day of adventures with us today.

The idea of 'alphabet' days out was the plan. I hadn't heard of these, but Claire soon explained. So based on this we Abseiled, Bouldered, and Climbed or ABC!
Good start then.

The Langdale valley provided our starting point, the rock dry (well almost) and sheltered from the breeze we were able to rattle through an impressive number of routes, especially so for Benjamin (aged 8). Our tummies were telling us lunchtime had arrived so we dropped back down to the cars and drove the short distance to Tilberthwaite for a lunch stop by the river.
During the afternoon we abseiled at the quarry just above the parking area, Benjamin also managed to fit in another climb, this time on Slate.

Thanks Claire, Jonathan, and Benjamin. Hope to see you again soon.




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