Mountain Journeys

A snowy Scafell Pike

I was out on Scafell Pike for my first trip up the mountain this year (Kate seems to have been getting most of the trips over that way).
Bruce, from New York State, was keen for an interesting route up the mountain and the original idea had been to go from Langdale and include some scrambling. However, it turned out Bruce was staying over in Eskdale, so I pointed out the reasons why we may change our plans and climb via the Wasdale route, which is what we then did.

Choosing the Mickledore path allowed for dramatic views of the Scafell crags, the occasional falling ice sheet adding to the atmosphere of the day. The climb up to Mickledore was covered in snow with small sections of ice, so we put crampons on for this section (but otherwise crampons weren't needed).

The wind howled around us and threatened to blow us from our feet, but thankfully never did! Clouds were swept in on these strong winds, thus adding further to the atmosphere of our surroundings.

After stopping for lunch at Mickledore, a short walk saw us arrive on a snowy Scafell Pike, the summit rocks coated in hoar frost.

Our return route was via Lingmell Col. Underfoot the snow was mostly soft (and melting), so crampons not required, although the axe came out a couple of times, just in case.

Thanks for a fantastic day Bruce.




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