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5 of the best walks from Ambleside – Number 1: Loughrigg Fell 335m


Loughrigg Terrace during autumn - 5 of the best walks from Ambleside


5 of the best walks from Ambleside – Number 1: Loughrigg Fell 335m

When visiting Ambleside, it can be difficult to choose which walks to try as there is so much choice. Over the coming weeks, we are going to outline some wonderful walking routes here. The aim being to give you some ideas and to let you know what our favourites are. Having lived in Ambleside for 17 years and spent thousands of days on the Lakeland mountains, we have got to know the place rather well.

On any visit to Ambleside, Loughrigg Fell will make its presence known. Being so close to the village it is an un-miss able feature. Sometimes it is draped in fluffy clouds, other days it glistens in bright sunlight, and by night it can be wonderfully silhouetted under moonlight.

It offers a huge choice of walking routes so there really is something to suit all tastes and aspirations. Here are a couple of ideas:

1) Loughrigg circuit – about 10km over undulating terrain on clear paths. This avoids the sometimes busy summit, but still affords the walker continually inspiring views. My favourite is to go clockwise starting from Rothay Park.

Cross the river and turn right, after crossing the cattle grid turn left to go steeply uphill on a small lane. After a while the lane becomes rough surface. When the terrain levels out and shortly before crossing a small stream, venture off the path to the left to enjoy splendid panoramas of Windermere.

Regain the path to skirt around the bulbous summit area of Loughrigg and soon begin the descent. A dry stone wall soon accompanies the path and acts as a nice handrail. Views into the Langdale valley soon open up, so take some time to absorb it all.

After passing through a small area of woodland look out for a farm gate on the right, go through this into an open field. This leads directly to Loughrigg tarn where the finest views of the Langdale Pikes can be enjoyed. Swimming and picnicking has become quite popular at this venue, we can highly recommend a dip in the refreshing waters here during the warmer months.

Continue along the bridleway, keeping the tarn on your left until a road is reached. This is the Red Bank road and goes to Grasmere. It is necessary to follow the road uphill for a few minutes, until a gate on the right is reached. Go through this into Deer Bolts Wood and Loughrigg Terrace will soon be reached. This provides wonderful views over Grasmere then Rydal Water before returning the walker back onto the Under Loughrigg Road near Rydal. Turn right on this small lane to return to Ambleside.


2) Loughrigg summit – about 9km over mostly undulating terrain. The footpaths leading to the summit can feel confusing and they are small.

Not satisfied with a stroll around Loughrigg and all the wonderful views that will give. I can relate to that and will say, the summit of Loughrigg Fell is well worth the additional effort to reach it. The route is similar to that described for Loughrigg circuit, but at the level section where the path crosses a stream, turn off the main path here. Follow any number of smaller paths leading upwards towards higher ground. Some paths take in satellite peaks along the way whilst others stay in the little valleys. Go with what you prefer, they’re all leading to the summit.

The summit of Loughrigg is clearly marked with a large Trig point, so you’ll know. Views down to Grasmere are particularly beautiful, but don’t forget to spin around and check out the Fairfield and Helvellyn group of fells. It is pretty epic for a small hill.

A path descends steeply towards Grasmere, follow this to gain the Loughrigg Terrace path which can be followed back to Ambleside.

For a bite to eat in Ambleside try:

Rattle Ghyll Deli

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For liquid refreshments: The Golden Rule

Where to get hold of a map and guidebooks: Fred's Bookshop

Where to stay: 2 Cambridge Villas - this is our B&B and is run by Kate


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Thanks for reading, be sure to check back for more soon.



Mountain Journey

Loughrigg Tarn and the Langdale Pikes - 5 of the best walks from Ambleside

Mountain Journey

Passing showers over Fairfield - 5 of the best walks from Ambleside



Windermere from Loughrigg - 5 of the best walks from Ambleside



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